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Wakasa, What’s the meaning of this? 

"I can’t let you do whatever you want"


Makoto, don’t forget. Dinner at my place tonight. Be careful on your way back, okay? See you soon. 

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My submission to Bijyutsu Techou(Art Diary: monthly art magazine). I am not good at drawing pictures, but I enjoy the process of coloring.

From Yoneda Sensei’s twitter 18 Oct. 2014


December issue of Bijyutsu Techou to be released in 17 Nov. will feature BL! The cover will be by Nakamura Asumiko. 10 mangakas will be featured such as Yoshinaga Fumi, Takarai Rihito, Totempole, Kumoda Haruko, Kodaka Kazuma,Tagame Gengorou, and Yoneda Kou.

Yoneda Sensei’s interview as well as her original drawing will be included. We’re not sure who this tanned guy is. His hairstyle is similar to Doumeki, but I think the eyes are different. Anyhow, it’s a handsome, sexy guy, great for a BL special! lol Of course I ordered my copy for next month :D

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Free! Eternal Summer + Bluray Covers Pt. 1

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Final images of the Sugar Cake sleepy on cupcakes pajamas figures have been uploaded to the Taito staff blog! They are so adorable, maybe the cutest set out of all four?!?!?! Rin thinks he’s a cool guy even napping in pink pajamas, and Rei even has a tiny smile :D Haruka is definitely the most comfy.
They will also be displayed a bit early at the Animate Girl’s Festival in early November, so I will try to get some pictures of them at the event as well!
We are still waiting on pics of the final prizes. Which includes character pair voice CDs for Sousuke/Rin, Makoto/Haruka and Rei/Nagisa!
Zankyou No Terror - Main Characters

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